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The Mortality Manifesto

What if you were NOT mortal?

This seemingly obvious question is the one posed by coach, speaker and author Patrick Mathieu.

Lately, with the increase in my client base and workload, part of me is elated by my progress but another part of me is dragging like an anchor, wanting to stay in the past where I had more time for me (when my business was not doing so well!)…

Wanting to hold on to the comfort of the past (which was not so happy), excited about the present, and somewhat concerned about the future (how long is the good time going to last?)… is this how I’m planting land mines in the field of my success?

Patrick’s message hit me between the eyes: stop assuming there will be “more time” or “enough time” – the time I have is right now.

“I always strive to ensure that my every thought, word and action is moving me in the direction of my dreams.”

I’ve printed out Patrick’s “Mortality Manifesto” and have it posted in front of me right now…


Do it. Do it now.

p.s. Thank you Krissy Jackson for the tip

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