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Just get it done

As I am struggling over the past couple of weeks to rebuild my web sites for 2006, my thoughts go to something I heard on a CD a while ago (don’t know the source):

“Don’t get it finished… just get it done!”

Getting it “finished” means to a point of finality, of perfection. The quandary is that perfection is unattainable (or at least just out of reach). The law of diminishing returns kicks in, so that last 20% of the project ends up taking 80% of the time.

Over the last few weeks I’ve fallen into the trap of “because it’s so much work to finish”, I don’t even get it started! And if I don’t get it started, even the most brilliant idea is for naught.

So for 2006 I’m adopting this mantra to make sure that results get done, rough or unpolished as they may be, at least they’re out there.

I prefer 80% done, instead of 100% procrastinate.

“Don’t get it finished, just get it done”.

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