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Today is New Year’s Day 2006, maybe the only time of the year where many people give themselves the special gift of considering, if only for a moment, that they can change their current reality.

On this day when everything is possible, turn the page, then write about it. Put the vision of “what could be” on paper so that it becomes a touchstone to remind you of what you could be, as you progress through the year.

Write your vision in the “future present”, creating a narrative that reads in the present, describing a desired point in your future. For example, imagine yourself on a day six months from now, and describe yourself using the present tense “I am” instead of “I will”.

Keep it positive. Instead of “losing weight”, say “gain strength”, or “living healthy”.

Define yourself not as your history, but as your possibility. The future ain’t invented yet, and the best is yet to come.

Happy New Year, and best wishes for your success in 2006!

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