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Like a cockroach (it just won't die!)

I’ve been using e-mail now for the better part of 12 years (not counting the two years from 1988-90 when I was at grad school and sending e-mails through the primitive system to my brother in Kingston, ON…)

Well, I’m still amazed that the same “virus alerts” (and now, today, an “Amber Alert”), or offers for free products offered by “Microsoft”, “IBM” and “Bill Gates”… that these same e-mails are still circulating, and forwarded by otherwise smart people.

Please… The Web is a lot smarter now that it was 12 years ago. A simple googling of the name or the product usually brings up the hoax for all to see.

Here are some other good hoax verification sites:


Keep in mind that forwarding these kinds of e-mails “just in case it’s true” just serves to clog up bandwidth and confuse people. Plus, it’s not a good reflection on your “professionalism” – please don’t take that statement personally because I have received these types of hoax forwarding from lawyers and accountants too!

Let’s kill these cockroach e-mails – otherwise our great-grandchildren in 2106 will still be forwarding e-mail holograms advising us of children missing back in 2006

(Hey D, on the otherhand, receiving that “Amber Alert” e-mail showed me that I’m still alive in your e-mail list and reminded me that I want to reconnect with you soon after not having heard from you in a while! 🙂

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