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On the right questions

The Coach’s thought of the week:

The quality of our results is determined by the quality of the questions that we ask ourselves.
– Coach Davender

Too often as solopreneurs and in life, we search exhaustively for the “right answer”, this mythical book of instructions which contains all of the recipies to create what we say we want.

We live in a time where the common citizen has at hand more information than at any other moment in the history of humanity. This knowledge is constantly changing and evolving at an accelerating rate. You want answers? Simply ask the Great Google and it will direct you to tens of thousands of books, audios, videos and Web sites which each have their own take on the subject, and all in 0.03 seconds or less.

We are drowning in information, and yet so many have so little direction. Even with all these answers, be they may so easily available, why are people are still dissatisfied of their results, their situation, their life?

True leaders, those who break out of their comfort zones, who go beyond the possible to create new realities, they do it without a map, for there are no maps for where they’re heading. Just as ancient explorers set off towards the horizon, towards unknown lands marked “here be dragons”, aremed only with a compass, a sextant and a clock for navigation.

The compass, the sextant and the clock of success, are the questions we ask ourselves, the questions that remind us of our mission, our vision and our permission, our “who?”, “what?” and “why?” These are the fundamental and invariable questions from where from appear all the answers that we really need to act with confidence and courage in the present moment.

Whether it is in your business project, or in any other aspect of life, it is necessary to go beyond your past to create the future that you really want. To do so, you have to let go of searching for the “right answers”, and learn how to ask the “right questions”. And it is the exploration of these right questions that will lead you farther and higher than you ever thought possible.

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