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What makes a good business coach?

While entering a batch of business cards into my system (I seem to collect over 40 cards a month!), I found a link to this article (in French) about Martine Deschamps of Syneraction Management, a family business transition coach (link to website):

Qualities to look for in a great business coach
(or qualities necessary to be a great business coach) :

  • The coach understands what it means to lead and manage a business
  • The coach listens, is curious and asks alot of questions
  • The coach is human, dynamic and available
  • The coach has a great capacity to analyze and make calls
  • The coach is diplomatic to temper the discussions
  • The coach has an open mind and can collaborate on the human and business level
  • The coach is humble, (s)he does not for him but to help
  • The coach has leadership and can influence
  • The coach aims for the autonomy of the future leaders (s)he coaches
  • The coach leverages his/her contacts to add value for his/her clients.
  • The coach researches and knows a significant amount of relevant about the industry of his/her clients

I like to think that I aim to live these principles, and I certainly look for these characteristics in the business coaches that I hire to help me win at my Big Game…

What do you think? Am I living up to these standards, in your experience of me?

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  • Braxton January 29, 2008, 11:12

    I will be a better business coach following this guide. I can find the best coach for my business with the help of this guide. The Young Entrepreneur Society from the http://www.YoungEntrepreneurSociety.com provides meaningful resources for business men.

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