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Build it and they will come

The topic of a recent Toastmasters meeting that I attended, was “Inspiration”. To introduce ourselves, the Toastmaster of the Day asked us to name a movie or book that inspires us.

The movie that inspires me each time I watch it, is “Field of Dreams“, the 1989 movie with Kevin Costner.

As I watch the movie, I see myself as Costner’s character, Ray Kinsella, as he goes through the experience of hearing a voice that urges him to “build it and they will come”, I heard echoes of what urged me to jump at the FRP (Force Reduction Programme) offer to take an early leave of my military career in 1994 and start my first business (with no business experience), and also leave the troubled project that I was involved in mid-1998, which led to a career change away from engineering and into facilitation and coaching.

I see myself in the actions and reactions of Costner’s character as he hears the voice, feels the urge to do something, and yet he keeps on taking the next step in faith, not knowing the full plan but able to see the next step and taking it.

Despite all the signs to the contrary, the threatened foreclosure on his farm, the pressure from his brother-and-law, the reaction of the community, the utter improbability of it all, when the crunch came he stayed true to his vision and his intuition.

My eyes always have some sort of allergic reaction that causes me to shed tears at the end of the movie, as the camera pans out to show the long line of people coming to see the Field of Dreams. Ray Kinsella’s dream becoming reality.

Stepping out to create your own business must be motivated by more than economic necessity. It has to be bigger than money, because there sure are easier and less risky ways to make a living. In the end, passion-driven entrepreneurship is a calling of the highest sort.

“Build it and they will come” means not only to build it and sit back and wait, but to build it and keep the passion of the vision alive, following your intuition and inspiration to find out what to do next.

Money does not take into account all of what life is about. There are things in life that must be done, no matter what the money says. The vision is what drives a solopreneur.

No amount of strategic planning will guarantee your success. A clear sense of who you are (your mission) and what you want (your vision) are what you need. So don’t get caught up in endless planning and strategizing. Let the “how” come to you as you move forward, step by step. Sometimes the next step that comes to you will seem strange, off-beat, but if you believe in your vision and in Who You Really Are, you will end up where you were meant to be.

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