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Some inspiration

I was listening to my current favorite online radio station (Radio Oasis) and came across a new song by Melissa Etheridge (a singer-songwriter who I find very inspiring)

The track that caught my attention is “Open Your Mind” – which for me speaks to the power of “waking up” to one’s potential and taking action to break out of our robotic existence and fully live life.

The grooves in my life were unforgiving
Over the years I laid them down night after night
Work eat sleep work eat sleep
Suffocating my delight
Until I was dragged into the light into the stillness
Into the white hot flame of my deepest fears
And as I came crashing through humbled and true
I was better than I’d been in years

While searching for the first track, I found this second track from the same album – the power of it made my hair stand on end – “The Kingdom of Heaven

Both tracks are from her new album “The Awakening
Here is the iTunes link to the album

And of course since I’m on a Melissa trip, here is “I Need To Wake Up” (from Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth“)

Long may she rock! 🙂

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