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A thought about intention

“It’s not what’s happening to you now or what has happened in your past that determines who you become. Rather, it’s your decisions about what to focus on, what things mean to you, and what you’re going to do about them that will determine your ultimate destiny.”
– Tony Robbins

Each dream I dream, each vision I envision, each goal I set, is a challenge to the present moment, because I want to change or create something that does not exist in my experience up until now. The inertia of this change combined with the friction of the past creates a formidable opposing force, like Newton’s laws of motion.

Success therefore becomes a choice, either to react or to respond to this force .

If I dedicate my energies to avoiding the loss of what I currently am experiencing, my game becomes “play not to lose“: a sucker’s bet that is always a loss. Fighting to get rid of what I do not like or what I do not want, is to create even more of the same. The “playing not to lose” strategy consumes me as I fight the growing friction, trying to overcome the inertia, exhausting me in the struggle. Reacting is playing right into the heart of Newton’s laws.

The inspired choice is to meet the challenge of the present moment, to let go of the past and make a successful leap into the future, responding to the opportunity instead of reacting to it.

Instead of taking my bearings by referring to my past or my present, I draw a bead on what I want, aiming for a point on the other side of the chasm between the present and the future. This focus becomes a “glorious obsession,” a constructive response, energizing me to align myself to whom I want to become.

So I am preparing my momentum, bracing myself on the mass that is my past, and I push off, running, faster, faster, using this present moment as traction … and I leap off the cliff, sailing high, carried by my momentum …

My past does not define my future. I am more than the sum of my training, my experiences, my diplomas, my resumé, my ancestors, my genetics. What all of this past is good for, is to serve as a springboard towards my transformation.

The moment I become conscious of my present reality, and that I accept this as it is, without fault or blame, I am finally free to leap towards the future that I really want.

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