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A little game to get back on track after your holiday

One of the biggest problems that solos have when coming back from vacation is that the phone ain’t ringing and the bills are piling up!

Here’s a quick little game to get things moving again.

Take a piece of paper, and make a little list… of ten people that you can call right away (or when you get back from vacation).

These can be past clients, networking colleagues, or even all those business cards you collected last spring and that are still not filed!

The object of the game is to find at least four people on this list who are willing to meet with you over coffee (ice cappucino?) or lunch in the next five working days, for a little “discovery” session.

Share with your coffee partner your goals for the new season, and what kind of clients you like to work with. Encourage your partner to do the same. Do a little brainstorming, aim to come up with at least one referral name for the other person and for you, then do the same with the name you get referred to you.

This will start to stir things up around you, and I’m convinced that before you know it, that phone will start ringing again!

That is, if you make that list right now… Do it! I’m convinced this little game will pay off big for you!

Now that you’ve made your list, and your calls, you’ve won! Go out and enjoy the rest of the day!

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