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Catch me on Internet Radio this Monday!

I will be featured on the Coachville Caffeine online radio show this Monday July 28 1PM Eastern www.blogtalkradio.com/caffeine or 712-432-3973 Pin: 5543590

Coachville Caffeine is a “weekdaily” show on various topics about personal success, hosted by Coach Dave Buck. It is usually aimed at coaches but is often something that every solopreneur can benefit from. Some interesting topics lately have been about using Social Networking web apps to increase your visibility, with Nancy Marmolejo, and also the episode where Coach Dave was interviewed about his participation at the recent Transformational Leadership Council meeting.

Recent episodes of Caffeine, as well as background information, is at Coachblog.com. I often like to download epis0des to listen during my morning run (it’s really like caffeine! 🙂

The topic of discussion on Monday will be my Power Circle Mastermind Coaching System experience (Equipe Laser in French), and the topic of community-building in general.

Join in!

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