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On Passion

In taking a major step to turn a dream into reality, there is a lot of resistance that comes up.

Inside are fear, doubts, worries… the “monkey mind” shouting out reasons why not to do this.

Yet inside you feel this all-consuming fire to finally have your ideas manifest in the world for all the world to see.

There is power in declaration. I am amazed at the level of support and goodwill that gets generated when I declare out loud what I’m creating. The declaration is an invitation to join in the dream, either actively by providing the means to make it happen or ideas to spark new learnings, or passively, through goodwill, warm thoughts and best wishes. Both types of support are equally as valid and equally as essential to the success of any step forward.

In the end, it is Passion that makes things happen. An Internal Passion, expressed as an intense, single-minded, stubborn determination. And the Outward Passion, the enthusiastic, shout-it-out-to-the-world joyful abandon.

Internal Passion is what drives you to create despite the obstacles. Internal Passion is your momentum, it propels you forward. It is a Glorious Obsession that consumes every waking thought while honouring who you are and what you stand for. It causes you to wake up in the middle of the night, suddenly clear of mind and spirit, with the solution vividly in front of your eyes.

Outward Passion ignites people around you to support them in your cause…to join you in creating what is most important to you. Outward Passion opens the doors, parts the waters, clears the snowdrifts… it makes way for you to “stride confidently in the direction of your dreams”.

Both Passions are essential to make dreams come true. Internal Passion without enthusiasm is confining, frustrating and eventually implodes on itself in the face of overwhelming resistance. Outward Passion without the internal drive is empty, hollow and insincere. Internal Passion is the “yin” while Outward Passion is the “yang”: both must be balanced to be healthy and nurturing.

So many dreams go unfulfilled because the dreamer hesitates to give voice to the dream, fearing that in speaking it the energy is dissipated. Wrong! The essential component of making any dream come alive is to attract a community around you that fervently believes in what you are creating, that supports you in manifesting what is most important to you.

Declare what is most important to you. Ignore the shusshers. Live life OUT LOUD!

Then make your dreams happen.

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