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Stop hiding and show me the real you!

I received a call today from someone who wanted to let me know about a new investment club they’re launching in my area. Of course, as she’s talking to me, I google the name of the club and see the web site. Right away, my interest turns from lukewarm to cold.

Why? Because the web page is very impersonal. Actually, it reads like a sales pitch. Even though the nice lady wanted to create a connection with me, suggesting a personal meeting so she could explain what she offers, the first impression I had from the web site was that it was another dubious pitch. Whether that impression is deserved or not, that’s what I got.

I assume as I talk to people on the phone, especially a cold call for the first time, that they are going to check out my site as we talk. So the feeling my site projects has to lead to building an initial level of trust between myself and my prospect.

Here are some tips to make your web page more friendly:

  • Turn your web page into a personal conversation. Instead of “we” and “us”, say “me” and “you”. Talk to me. Start a conversation. Make it personal, because business is personal!
  • Show me who you are. Lift the veil and show me the real people behind your project. Be proud. Of course I am going to google your name and do my due diligence on you personally before I go farther. If you’re calling me, I want to see your picture as I talk to you, to create that personal connection.
  • Make it easy to contact you. Webforms are okay, because of the problems of putting your real e-mail address out there, but please make it a bit customized. Include a contact name, phone number, and postal address so I can see it is a real business. (And yes I do Google map the postal address to see where it really is)
  • Keep it fresh. Put some content with dates. Even better (and probably easier), have a link to a blog where I can read more about the real person that is you.

I expect impersonal websites from big corporations. From passion-driven entrepreneurs like you, I want to experience the “real you”!

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