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The speed of freedom

There is an essential dimension to the success of any business plan, and that is speed.

And it takes momentum to create this speed.

Think of a tsunami. A sudden, powerful, instantaneous change in the Earth’s crust creates a wave that can travel thousands of kilometers, increasing in size, generating speed and creating consequences far in time and distance of the event that triggered the process. That’s the power of momentum.

Once you have speed, building and guiding your business requires less effort. Is it not true that it’s much easier to ride your bike once you have huffed and puffed and sweated your way to the top of the hill?

When your project has momentum, all obstacles or disadvantages become smaller. If you do not have good momentum, each “no” or hiccup or disappointment becomes an obstacle that grows increasingly large, undermining your progress and eventually stopping you from reaching your goal.

Building quickly is much easier than building slowly.

What is the masssive action that you need to do now? It is approaching as many people as possible in the next thirty (30) days. Approaching people not to sell them or convince them, but to simply inform them of your project and your goals. Whether they agree or not is their choice. The important thing is they know what you are doing.

And your next thirty days beginning with your activity this week. The only mass action that you must aim for is to contact at least ten people per day for the next five days – it will be 50 contacts all grouped together in a short period of time.

Speaking with fifty people in your project this week will give a quantum boost to your confidence and will break through the discomfort and hesitation that is keeping you back from the results you want. What you do now, right now, will result in sales, contracts, income and profits within 90 days or less.

The key to this strategy is the concentration of your efforts. Instead of just planning, take action. Be bold, be a little crazy, but be in motion. Banish from your vocabulary the question “how?” and remind yourself of your who, what and why.

Yes, it will require time and effort on your part. But the investment you make now, NOW!, is a good measure of your probability of success in 90 days. Because, like a farmer who wants sweet, juicy corn, you have to plant the seeds of opportunity now to be able to reap later.

To create the results you want, you must start with a big, even a massive, push to overcome the inertia of the present moment. If your effort is not sufficient, you fall back into your zone of daily results, and you always get what you’ve always got.

What differentiates those who succeed from those who fail in business, as in life, is the will to act boldly.

The speed of your results depends on two factors: the intensity of your work and velocity of your actions.

A rocket, to take off and reach the Earth’s orbit, needs to accelerate to a speed of 11.2 km / s or 40320 km / h. If this escape velocity is not reached, everything is for nothing, the rocket will not reach its orbit and crash back to Earth.

And to achieve this speed, a rocket like the Space Shuttle needs nineteen times more mass in fuel than the empty weight of the vehicle. Half of this fuel is to lift this weight so that it rises above the launch tower. Talk about intense!

So to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself in 90 days, you must take massive action now. Consider your goal for this week and double it – and even quadruple it. Massive, intense, rapid action – that is what is needed so you can reach the speed of freedom!

What bold, massive action are you willing to take right now so that you can create the future you want?

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