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Network Economy Changes The Rules (Toronto Star)

A legal threat in Ontario by a large intercity bus company (Trentway-Wagar) against an internet ride-sharing site (PickupPal) illustrates how the nanoeconomy is disrupting the micro and macro economies:

“the Internet facilitates new modes of production and organization that enable thousands of people to connect, share and work together in ways that were previously limited to larger, well-organized and well-funded companies.”

Read the original articles in the Toronto Star:
Bus firm calls online car pool illegal service (Tyler Hamilton, Toronto Star, Aug 21, 2008)
Network economy changes the rules (Opinion, Michael Geist, Toronto Star, Sep 01, 2008)

(link in clear to opinion article: http://www.thestar.com/article/488466)

How could the concept of the nanoeconomy strengthen or weaken your business model?
Even more important… what allowances have you made to evolve what you offer and how you offer it to take advantage of the evolution going on around us, whether we like it or not?

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