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Today is not yesterday nor tomorrow

Does the past really have to dictate the future?

It is human nature to look at yesterday’s results to explain today’s situation, and to use both to extrapolate tomorrow’s possibility. In my opinion, this is the chief failure of economic science. Economics tries to build models to explain the past, then rely on those models to predict the future.

A lot of what is going on right now in the world markets and economies is that the models are broken, therefore people just don’t know what to do. Whether these are from academia or Wall Street/Bay Street traders, their theories no longer fit today’s reality… The models are broken, and they have been so for a long time.

The economic system we have today is built on the belief that numbers measure the true value of what we are looking at. The role of speculators is to use our darker side of greed, lust and fear to manipulate the numbers and profit from it.

But economic models cannot even begin to quantify crucial variables that really shape what people value: mission, vision, passion, ingenuity, desire, experience…

We are living an important shift as we move from a 20th century economic model of consumption towards a 21st century model of consciousness. In a conscious economy, those who succeed are the value creators, not speculators. Value creators use as tools the elements of Passion and Purpose to lead communities of People towards creating Profit, tangible and intangible, where all benefit in a win-win-win (me-you-us) fashion.

What this “economic crisis” allows us value creators to do is to finally break free of the business-as-speculation model and go back to its true roots, business as a vehicle to create value that moves humanity and the planet forward. Tomorrow belongs to those who dare to use their passion and purpose to create a new reality, one expressing their full potential.

Tomorrow can be very different from today if we choose it to be so. Block out the naysayers. Refuse to play according to the old rules of fear and embrace the new reality of passion-based entrepreneurship.

Here’s to you, value creators. Aim for the stars and keep your feet on the ground. Today is not just the result of yesterday, it is the foundation for building the tomorrow that you really want.

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