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Book Yourself Solid Radio this week: Red Velvet Rope, Your First Article, Dump the Duds!

Trish and I are planning a great week for you on Book Yourself Solid Radio:

  • Movin’ Monday with Trish (Nov 3):
    Join Trish Lambert and Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach Cynthia Phifer as they continue last Monday’s discussion about the “Red Velvet Rope”, this time from a client’s perspective.
  • Tool Time Wednesday with Davender (Nov 5):
    hosts Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach Cara Lumen to show you how to write an article and get it published on the Internet so that people can find you.
  • Ask-The-Coach Friday with Trish and Davender (Nov 7):
    Listen to Certified BYS Coaches Thomas Mangum and Christie Scott, as they coach a client to Dump their Dud Clients to make room for better ones and to Get Booked Solid!

All shows start at 2pm Eastern, and you can asjk your questions by calling (347) 327-9030 or joining us in the Chat room at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bookyourselfsolid

Have a Booked Solid week!

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