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More thots from a twit

My Twitter postings labeled “thot” are ideas that come from recent coaching conversations…

Thot: Adrenaline makes us feel alive. Two ways to create it: destructively thru drama, or constructively through purpose. Which way for u? 9:00 AM Nov 24th from web  

Thot: When you let people talk, they come around to your point of view so much faster! 10:29 AM Nov 23rd from web  

Thot: Entrepreneurs-Ordinary people doing heroic things by relentless focus on getting the right things done @guykawasaki http://is.gd/5gcn 6:03 AM Nov 22nd from web  

Thot: Overcome the inertia of fear with bold goals and massive action. Ignore the chatter. Value creators win. NOW is the time to act! 9:58 AM Nov 21st from web  

Thot: Master networkers ask “What can I do for you to make YOU more successful?”
( @lizmarshall w/ @guykawasaki http://snipr.com/61f78 ) 6:49 AM Nov 20th from web  

Thot: Financial freedom is a mirage. True abundance is the freedom to act, a mindset. It’s what you do, not what you have that counts. 7:02 AM Nov 19th from web

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