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New EzineArticles: Solopreneur, Self-Care, Strategic Alliance, Deservability, Resilience

Here are the EzineArticles.com-approved articles I have submitted this week:

Ten Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Be a Solopreneur:
Is there life for professionals after being laid off or downsized in this economy? You bet! If you decide to take the plunge, you can discover a New Economy that is booming: that of Solopreneurs. Discover ten reasons why now is the best time to be a Solopreneur!

Taking Care of Number One – Ten Tips to Get Into the Self-Care Habit:
Have you ever noticed that there is just never enough time? There is always another project, another “to-do”, another responsibility to take care of. Yet, your own body and soul needs care and feeding. Once you learn to take care of yourself first you will discover that you gain the energy to take care of everything else. Here are ten tips to adopt positive self-care habits.

First Date, Then Marry – How to Make Strategic Alliances Work:
As a solo-professional, teaming up with another solo to find clients together can be very tempting. However, strategic alliances are strange things, just like dating and marriage. This article will help you choose whether or not a strategic alliance is a good fit for you, and how to make it work for you, your alliance partner, and especially your clients.

Yes, You Deserve It – Five Tips to Strengthen Your Deservability Muscle:
Why is it that even though your potential client may seem eager to do business with you when they first meet you, their interest seems to fade off as they start talking to you? I’ve always believed that “business is personal”. A successful business relationship is all about building a bridge of confidence and trust between you and your prospect.

Resilience – Live a No-Limits Life in Chaotic Times:
How successful are you at balancing your work and personal life? If you are like the majority of people, you probably feel that you are not doing as well as you’d like… What if you redefined what “balance” means to you?

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