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Plug into some Big Ideas

A podcast that I’ve discovered and that I highly recommend is TVO’s Big Ideas series
Also available on iTunes (Podcasts > TVO)

This is a series of lectures by and discussions with current Big Thinkers on topics such as Arts and Culture, Spirituality, Business, Sociology, Science, Politics, etc.

This morning on my run I listened to a fascinating lecture by Mark Kingwell and Malcolm Gladwell on social change and how to achieve it.

Note – To succeed as a solopreneur one needs to be plugged into big ideas and new ways of viewing the world. Whether you read or you listen, it’s very important to think big. The more great ideas you are exposed to, the more you can learn how to create your own philosophy – a must for any leader who wants to change the world.

My favorite podcasts (so far) are Big Ideas, AuthorTeleseminars, shows like Meet The Press, or CBC Radio‘s Dispatches, Ideas and The House… and of course Book Yourself Solid Radio!

Technology is great – I get to start each day with a brisk run, listening to inspiring ideas…

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