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Podcast: Tool Time with Coach Davender and Cara Lumen: Your First Article

I just finished a great Book Yourself Solid Radio podcast with Cara Lumen where we discussed how to add MORE POWER to your Writing Self-Promotion Strategy. Cara is a prolific and respected article writer who will help you get started writing and posting your first article. Check out Cara at her site http://www.caralumen.com and her blog http://www.thesuccessmagnets.com.

Download or listen to the show by clicking here: show_323022.mp3

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  • Marcy Jenkins November 12, 2008, 13:43

    Hi Davender (and also Cara) — I’m so glad I listened to your program — it was just great! What a pleasure it was listening to you “pros” getting together to share such helpful how-to tips for writing and publishing articles worth reading! Cara’s advice was so clear and succinct that every listener can get started publishing on the web with ease and confidence. And Davender’s genuine curiosity and comfortable interviewing style complemented Cara’s warmth and expertise, creating a relaxed conversation flowing with ideas and inspiration. Thank you both.

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