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If everyone was listening, what would you say?

Susan Scott, on her FierceBlog, asks this intriguing question:

“Imagine that you had the complete, avid attention of every person on this planet for thirty seconds. What would you say?”

Do you know what your message is? Are you integrating it into everything that you do, that you offer, that you say, that you make, and who you are?

Leaders know with an unswerving certainty what their message is. Their message is an expression of their Mission (who they are), their Vision (the impact they are meant to create in the world) and their Permission (their strengths, talents and abilities that enable them to execute).

Leadership is about creating a positive impact around oneself that changes the status-quo, in alignment with one’s Mission, Vision and Permission. Gandhi said it so well: “Be the change you wish to see in the world“.

Somewhere, out there, someone is listening with “complete, avid attention” for the message you were born to communicate, for the lesson you were born to teach, for the change you wish to see. Is your message loud and clear, so they can hear it, feel it, experience it?

We each have a message to bring to the world, an important piece of the puzzle that is life. You get one chance to state your case, this one chance being your lifetime. Once you’re gone, that’s it, the song is lost.

Get clear about your Life Message. Build a Big Project around it: that is your real business. People don’t just buy your products and services, they want to create a personal connection with you… to experience the change you wish to create in the world.

Now that I am getting clear on my message, what drives me forward each day is this realization that time is ticking and there is so much to do to make sure my message is heard by as many people as possible…

Think Big… and act even Bigger…

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