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The Physics of Trust

Trust is a hot topic these days: I believe the main problem with the economy is not a shortage of money, but rather that trust between people and trust in the process has completely collapsed.

What is “trust”, exactly? In December I explored the subject of “Trust” in a couple of different formats:

Article: “Some Thoughts about Trust”
link: http://is.gd/cSFF

Audio Podcast: Beyond Lip Service with Sharon Saylor on the topic “The Physics of Trust” (9 December 2008)
podcast download (mp3, 6.9MB Running Time 30 mins): http://is.gd/cSKH
BlogTalkRadio page: http://is.gd/aHuV (audio plays automatically)

Video: Toastmasters speech “The Physics of Trust” (12 December 2008)
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbhsXE_s1Sg

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