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On Resolutions and Resolve – Make Today A Model Day

Make this first day of the New Year a model for the kind of day that you want for each of the next 365.

I know that there are some things on my “To Get Started On” list that I have been delaying and delaying for several weeks, telling myself that I will get to it in the New Year. Well, the day has arrived, the excuse ship has departed.

Today, right now, I resolve to adopt three daily practices of personal transformation:

1. Let go of something – What is a habit, a situation, a task, promise or commitment, or even a relationship, that is not serving you? That is preventing you from expressing your full potential? Every minute that you tolerate something that is holding you back, you are paying a price, that of not living your full potential. So whether it is something simple such as tossing that unopened junk mail sitting on the side of your desk (okay, it’s now done!) or something big like closing down a project that is going nowhere, do it now. You now have made space for the next step.

2. Transform something else – What is a something that could be improved? Many times what is holding us back is that our tools, systems or habits are not quite serving us. What action can you take today to improve your surroundings or your systems so that they work better? For me today it is finishing a writing draft that I started a few days ago but never finished, and getting it out the door, hence this blog post.

3. Adopt something new – This is the fun part for me, because I’m a forward-looking kind o’ guy. What is a new habit, situation, tool or project you can adopt that will help you to move forward, faster? For me today the new practice I adopted this morning is do to my pushups and abs exercises as soon as I get out of bed (my goal is 100 pushups and the equivalent in abs exercises)

By adopting these three principles and making small adjustments each day, big changes can occur over time.

Why is this important?

I love the feeling when I go to bed at night and I know I have played to the limit, leaving all of my energy and my efforts, all that I had to give, on the playing field of life. That I did all I could do, no excuses, no regrets. That I’ve taken a step further along the path of “Creating the change I wish to see in the world”.

Resolve to make this year the best. It may sound corny, but I mean it. All those great promises one makes to oneself, especially near the end of the year, well now is the time to live up to them. Create a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional environment that supports you to perform at your best.

The media are doing a great job at pushing people into an emotional depression. What the world needs more than ever right now are role models of people acting with purpose. You and I need to look forward, think and act big, to be irrationally and foolishly optimistic, for beyond that glass half full there is a whole ocean waiting to be explored!

May your New Year be full of great adventures and challenges, heartache and happiness, humor and sadness, disappointments and accomplishments, and above all, growth towards your full potential, towards Who You Really Are. For you are the sum of your experiences, so resolve to make those experiences as real and as fulfilling as humanly possible. There is a message to be heard and a lesson to be learned from every one of those 86400 seconds we receive each day.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to greatness, as you support me on mine.

Bonne année mes amis! Happy New Year, my friends!

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Image credit: Paul Moody via Flickr
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