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A thought about Business and Vision

Here is your thought of the moment:

To create sustainable business success,
instead of ‘competitive advantage’ where I win, you lose,
think ‘mutual advantage’, where we both win.
– Coach Davender

The economic turmoil we are experiencing right now, painful as it may be, is a wonderful opportunity to reconstruct the concept of capitalism towards one that focuses on creating real, sustainable value. Business, when we get down to its core, is how we organize ourselves to move humanity forward. I believe business ranks alongside agriculture as two of the most significant civilizing forces in our history.

Unfortunately many have lost sight of what business is about by focusing on short term gain. Looking only at the next step causes one to drift randomly, ending up in a survival cycle.

To break out of the survival cycle requires that we look up, focusing on a vision that is larger than just me-me-me. In a sustainable model of business, profit is generated by an exchange of something of value that helps you succeed in a way that helps me succeed. Prosperity then becomes proportional to the size of the vision, its positive impact on the world, and our success in making the vision come alive.

To make a sustainable model of business work, we need to make quantum shifts in our thinking:

– shift from “business models” to “transformative vision” …how does this vision make the world a better place?
– shift from “markets” to “communities” …how do I engage people in a great conversation about the vision?
– shift from “sales” to “leadership” …how do I encourage people to take action to make this vision come alive?

This need not be simply wishful thinking or dreaming. The resources of the world may be finite, but our capacity for imagination, innovation and ingenuity is infinite. Our brain power can multiply our resources many times over, if we focus on creating sustainable, win-win value.

The world needs people like you and I who aim for the stars with our feet on the ground. How will you create “mutual advantage” today?

This thought is inspired by an article on the Harvard Business Blog
by Umair Haque, “Why Ideals Are The New Business Models”

This article is from my newsletter archived at http://www.davender.com/newsletter/20090316.htm

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