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BookYourselfSolid Radio Friday: The Care and Feeding of Ideal Clients

Join Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches Trish Lambert and Megan McKenzie on the topic of “The care and feeding of ideal clients–getting booked solid one client at a time.

To borrow from a Jimmy Buffett song — Ideal clients…we all want ’em…what do we do when we get ’em?

This webradio show will take place on Friday 20 March from 2PM-2:30PM Eastern at http://is.gd/nXQL

Megan McKenzie successfully used the Book Yourself Solid System to increase her company’s gross revenue by over 600%. She believes that theories are great, but results are better and is committed to coaching professional service providers to get booked solid, achieve their dreams, increase their revenue and have fun doing it. As a Book Yourself Solid coach, she brings over 10 years of coaching experience together with 20 years of experience in leadership development, process improvement and management within numerous professional service environments. Megan is a published author, a polished speaker, with an educational background in psychology/ organizational behavior and a limitless amount of energy and commitment to her clients.

Find out more on Megan through her website at www.getcertainty.com and her blogs www.resultsarebetter.com and www.byscoaching.com

This session is hosted by Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach Trish Lambert. Check out Trish’s site at www.4rmarketing.com

Listen to the show live at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bookyourselfsolid . This show is also available as a podcast after the live air date at: http://is.gd/nXQL

Book Yourself Solid Radio is a webradio show based on the bestselling book by Michael Port, focusing on helping you get more clients than you can handle… even if you hate marketing and selling! The show takes place every Friday at 2pm Eastern. Hosted by Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches Trish Lambert and Davender Gupta, they interview fellow Coaches to help you succeed in filling your practice. Check out the latest guests at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bookyourselfsolid

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