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The game really has changed

I heard a pundit say that what we are living right now is a revolution in our beliefs, values, goals, dreams, expectations, everything… on the same scale as the collapse of the USSR almost two decades ago.

Yesterday a prospect was showing me their business plan and it struck me that the whole concept of a “business plan” in today’s world is totally archaic. Go back even 12 months… who could have foreseen the huge spike in energy costs followed by a collapse that was just as fast. And, Mr. Banker, you expect a new venture to predict cash flow five years out, let alone one?

The game really has changed. Business for business’s sake is out. We need to rethink the whole concept. Success in business does not have to mean selling one’s soul.

For me, business is about exchanging something of value that allows you to live to your full potential while helping me live to my full potential. Business is not about how I can get a bigger slice of the pie, it’s about growing the pie. People don’t want more consumption, they want more conversation and connection. To go back to the “market” meaning a place of community and exchange rather than a nest full of hungry baby chicks screaming “Feed me!”

You can’t play tomorrow’s game with yesterday’s rules.

A great essay on how the game is changing: this week’s (April 6) TIME magazine cover story :
The End of Excess: Is This Crisis Good For America” by Kurt Andersen (link: http://is.gd/pg4M )

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