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This is Think Big Week!

“To be free, is to be bound by something bigger than yourself.”
— Michael Port

Another crisis is looming on the horizon, the morning headlines are screaming at me: Disease! Economic Collapse! Water shortages! Environmental Disaster!

It could be so easy for me to let my dreams and desires be drowned out by the persistant shouting of the doomsayers. It makes me wonder sometimes if it is even worth getting out of bed…

I’m not saying that we don’t face challenges, even ones that threaten the future of humanity and the planet. But where are the solutions going to come from?

The true shortage in the world today is of people who can Think Big, who have ideas, projects, goals and dreams that are bigger than the problems around us. Of people who are taking daily action towards building solutions, rather than being paralyzed by problems.

This is why the book being launched today by my coach, mentor and friend Michael Port: “The Think Big Manifesto“, is so important. I really like the subtitle: “Think you can’t change your life (or the world)? Think again!”

I invite you this week to get the book and to participate in activities to help you think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world…

Now is the time to THINK BIG!

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