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Tip: How to share documents on Facebook

I received a question about “how to share a PowerPoint file with a Facebook group”.

If you have access to an FTP server where you can simply upload your document, then use it. This is the option I usually use.

If you don’t have an FTP server, here is a simple and secure way to share any document, whether by Facebook or even by e-mail:

1. Get a Google Docs account https://docs.google.com/
2. Upload your file by clicking on “Upload”

Types of files that you can upload:
Documents (up to 500KB)
  • HTML files and plain text (.txt).
  • Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Rich Text (.rtf), OpenDocument Text (.odt) and StarOffice (.sxw).
Presentations (up to 10MB from your computer, 2MB from the web, 500KB via email)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps).
Spreadsheets (up to 1MB)
  • Comma Separated Value (.csv).
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files and OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods).
PDF Files (up to 10MB from your computer, 2MB from the web)

3. Once your file has been uploaded to Google Docs, open it in Google Docs

4. You will see a “Share” button on the upper right hand side of your screen. Click it to see a drop-down menu. You will see an option “Publish/embed”. Click it.

5. You now are at a page titled “Publish this document/presentation”. Find and click on the button “Publish document”.

6. A new page will appear with a link you can use to share the document by Facebook or e-mail.

PowerPoint docs will appear in a viewer, which is good because viewing the document is not dependent on the end-user.

Alternative: You may see with certain docs the option “Get the link to share…” If you use that link, the document will open with Google Docs (depending on the access you allow).

Hope this helps!

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  • Sylvie Boisvert August 6, 2009, 15:27

    Thanks for the tip Davender! I don't know if I have a FTP server, but I did it with google doc.


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