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Coach Davender's Choice 2009-09-03: Commercial Networking, You Got Ten Seconds, The Muse, The Strangest Secret

I follow over 200 business, marketing, leadership, tech and personal development blogs using the awesome Google Reader application http://www.google.com/reader/shared/davenderg

These are great sources of information and inspiration to help me in the work I do with my clients. Here are some posts of note:

Social Networking Or Commercial Networking?
Jim Connolly (Jim’s Marketing Blog)

Entrepreneurs who use Facebook or Twitter often complain that none of their “friends” or “followers” buy their products or services. Jim Connolly points out that these platforms were originally intended to stay connected in a fun way with friends and family. If you’ve built a network to keep in touch socially, you cannot expect it to convert to a commercial network. If you plan to use social media for business development and marketing, you have to build your network with your commercial positioning in mind. Only post information that builds your brand and avoid posting personal or trivial stuff.

Message: You can use social media for personal or professional reasons, but not both at the same time.

Presentation? You Got Ten Seconds!
Geoffrey James (Bnet.com)

Today’s managers have finely tuned multitasking skills, but have lost their ability to focus. It used to be that when you gave a sales presentation, at least your prospect was forced to listen. Now, it’s no longer the case, because whipping out an iPhone or a Blackberry in mid-conversation no longer carries the stigma it once had. If you don’t capture your prospects attention in the first ten seconds of your presentation, out comes the iPhone and out goes your prospect with nary a pang of regret. You can waste those first precious seconds talking about yourself, the history of your product, how honored you are to be there… or you can grab your prospect with an opening statement that commands attention: something credible and fact-based that surprises them or makes them a bit uncomfortable.

Message: Make sure the first ten seconds of your presentation grabs the listener’s attention, otherwise shut up and go home.

“Ah-ha” Moments: The Modern Day Muse
Jill Fehrenbacher (American Express OPEN Forum)

Need to be inspired? Don’t wait for the perfect idea to come to you. Successful entrepreneurs are more likely to find their ideas with a bit of self-discovery, instead of from divine inspiration or a bolt of lightning. You don’t have the time to loll around waiting for the Muse to kiss you, instead create opportunity by developing your powers of observation and intellect. Ideas abound all around you: learn to see the obvious and you will connect to the flow of inspiration.a

Message: Successful entrepreneurs don’t wait for the Muse – they observe and immediately jump into action.

Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret (Success Magazine)

A legend in the area of personal development, Earl Nightingale’s mellow voice popularised the audio book format, and led to the founding of the renowned Nightingale-Conant company. His first hit has remained one of the best sellers of all time: “The Strangest Secret In The World”. This video is an abridged version of his famous story, with a message as valid now as when it was first recorded. Notice also his amazing presentation skills.

Message: What you think and what you say has a direct impact on your actions and your results

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