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My Google Reader: Rules To Be Happy, The I Message, Funky Lights

One of my daily rituals is to consult my Google Reader where I follow hundreds of blogs on leadership, marketing and business. Here are some posts that caught my eye this morning.

Are You Programmed to Fail?
Geoffrey James – Bnet SalesMachine

If you’re letting little things get to you, you’re “programmed to fail”. How to reset the program? Change your rules.

The Magic of the “I Message”
Bob Burg

Especially in the “festive” season, sometimes tensions can run high. Practicing the “I Message” is a powerful tool to defuse a situation. Bob shares a great technique to make the transition without making the other person feel manipulated. Great post.

8 Spectacular Christmas Light Shows on YouTube
Samuel Axon  –  Mashable

And all I have on my door is a simple wreath…

Check out my Shared list on Google Reader here:

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  • Bob Burg December 25, 2009, 10:56

    Coach Davender, thank you very much for referencing my blog post regarding the “I Message.” What an honor it is to know you found value in the post. I appreciate you greatly!


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