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Welcome to my new blog!

I started blogging waaaay back in August 2005 after a client nagged me about why I didn’t have a blog. So I started on Blogger, and after 345 posts, that blog is starting to show its age.

So I’m continuing my blogging now using WordPress.

Past blog entries are still available here at http://frompassiontoprofit.blogspot.com I plan to move and update the more important entries to this new blog over the next few weeks.

Why change to WordPress? Like I said, my Blogger stylesheet was starting to look a bit dowdy. Also, even though Blogger is now a Google property, I don’t see my blog entries showing up on Google. Maybe it’s because the blog is in a subdomain of my own hosting, I’m not sure. I’m testing WordPress to see if the SEO works better, and if so, I will be recommending it to my clients.

In the meantime, I look forward to sharing lots of ideas about powering your Vision from Passion to Profit in 2010 and beyond. Happy New Year!

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