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From Passion To Profit Radio: Episode 1 – Athenee Mastrangelo on Getting Productive

Are you overwhelmed by everything that screams for your attention?

Join me and my guest, office productivity coach Athenee Mastrangelo, as we discuss how some simple steps can organize your workspace, get you out of the “Crazy-Busy” mindset, and help you get more done.

This is the inaugural episode of “From Passion To Profit Radio”!

Show time: Monday, January 11, 2010, 6PM-6:30PM (Eastern)
Location: Listen live or download the podcast at

“From Passion To Profit Radio” presents people with interesting stories, ideas, tools and techniques to help you power your Vision from Passion to Profit. Each episode is hosted by Coach Davender Gupta.

For more information about Athenee, visit her website at

For more information about Coach Davender, check out his blog at http://www.frompassiontoprofit.com and his main site

To access this and other episodes of “From Passion To Profit Radio”, visit

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