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From Passion To Profit Radio (Jan 25): Coach Davender on "How To Be The Go-To Professional"

Do you want more clients who recognize the value of what you offer? No matter what your profession, your qualifications, degrees or certifications are not enough for your prospective clients to distinguish you from dozens or even hundreds of equally qualified colleagues. So how do you become the one they choose?

Join Coach Davender as he shares five simple principles you can use right away to break from the herd and become THE “Go-To” professional that your clients choose and trust.

This show is an episode of “From Passion To Profit Radio”. Hosted by Coach Davender Gupta, “From Passion To Profit Radio” presents interesting stories, ideas, tools and techniques to help you power your Vision from Passion to Profit. The audio podcast can be accessed at

Monday January 25, 2010 – 6pm-6:30pm (Eastern)
Direct Listen Link: http://bit.ly/61P8oS

This podcast is also simulcast on video at

See the Facebook Event listing at

UPDATE 25 January

The video is now available at UStream.TV: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/4224861

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