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My Year In Facebook Status Updates: January 2009

Someone sent me an app on Facebook that creates a poster listing my statuses of the past year. Well I discovered that I have too many good ones to fit on just one page (plus I’m not a fan of subscribing to apps because of security concerns), so I used the app to retrieve all my status updates of the past year so I could archive the best here on my blog. Here are the highlights (IMHO) from my Facebook page for January 2009:

  • Thot: In whatever you do, start the way you want to finish.
  • Thot: I judge the competence of someone not on the answers they give but on the quality of the questions they ask.
  • Thot: Urgent vs important? Important tasks move me towards my priorities, urgent is responding to other’s priorities. Choose wisely.
  • Thot: Real, sustainable profit only comes from making a positive difference in people’s lives.
  • Thot: Don’t be scared by structures, systems and discipline: the crucible from which you can create great things.
  • Thot: In committees, talking about politics makes you feel important. Focusing on getting things done makes you important.
  • Goodnight thot inspired by Tim Sanders’ blog: Are you committed enough to your Big Dream to “break some ribs”? http://is.gd/f6OS
  • Thot: If you don’t have a dream, you can’t spot opportunity.
  • Thot: The best way to create positive cashflow is to first create positive change.
  • Thot: Success is not about achieving a goal, that thrill quickly fades. Success is what you learn and how you grow by reaching for the goal, and beyond.
  • Blog post: Greatness is never a given – it must be earned http://bit.ly/6y3lP4
  • Thot: Luck means settling for what fate decides to give me. I don’t want to settle!
  • Thot: We budget our money as if it was finite and spend time as if was infinite-should it be the other way around?
  • Thot: Money is the measure of your client’s commitment to the impact you promise them through your offer.
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