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New Short Course: How To Be The Go-To Professional (Starts Feb 24)

You’re good at what you do…but how many prospective clients know that? Most professionals rely on their credentials and certifications to communicate their competence. The problem is that most certifications mean little to your market, because laypeople usually do not understand (or don’t care about) the meaning of those letters after your name.

To get more and better clients, you need to stand out from the crowd by proactively positioning yourself. The real question is: Do people know what you’re good at…and how it benefits them? Communicate that clearly, and you will build huge trust capital with your market, and they will choose you before any of your colleagues.

This short course will equip you with strategies you can use right away to break away from the herd and become the preferred choice of clients who recognize the value of what you offer and who are ready to commit.

The result? You get happier clients who enthusiastically refer you to other people who are also the right fit for you. This means you will earn more, work smarter, and be happier!

People always have a choice. Make it easier for them to choose you.

This short course is offered in three sessions:

Session 1 – You are your positioning

When people hear about you, what images do they think about and what words do they say? The inverse is even more important: when people see a certain image or hear a certain word, do they think of you? In this session, you will refine your positioning by examining the triggers which cause prospective clients to seek you – and only you.

Session 2 – You are your clients

When people consider whether or not to do business with you, they look at the kinds of clients that you have. In this session, we will discuss how you can better define your ideal client, so you can be the natural choice for them. When you have better clients, you can do better work, earn more income and work smarter.

Session 3 – You are your message

You are highly qualified, but does your market know that? By demonstrating what you know, you educate and prepare your prospects so that when they become your clients, they are ready for you and you can do your best work. This session will point you to some essential strategies that you must implement to demonstrate your competence.


– Three 60-minute webinar sessions (audio and video)
– Online workspace with recordings of each session, reference material and worksheets
– Interactive forum to discuss the concepts and share your views with the other participants
– Access to one 30-minute individual coaching session via telephone or internet (offer valid for 60 days from the start of the course)


Launch special: CDN$149 / US$139  (Retail value CDN$239)
Price is billed in Canadian dollars.
Canadian residents add GST, HST and/or QST as applicable.

Session dates:
Session 1 – Wednesday 24 February 2010 – 2pm to 3pm Eastern
Session 2 – Wednesday 3 March 2010 – 2pm to 3pm Eastern
Session 3 – Wednesday 10 March 2010 – 2pm to 3pm Eastern

Registration link:

Questions? Contact Coach Davender directly at 418-948-1553 or coach@davender.com

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