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Newsletter (Feb 10 2010)

Here is my latest e-mail newsletter, sent February 10.


It has been a while since I’ve sent you a note by e-mail.
If you’re part of my community on Facebook  (http://www.facebook.com/coachdavender)  or Twitter  (http://www.twitter.com/coachdavender)  you’ll know that things have been moving fast!

Here are some updates I’d like to bring to your attention:

New Short Course starting Feb 24 2010:
“How To Be The “Go-To” Professional”


You’re good at what you do…but how many prospective clients know that? Most professionals rely on their credentials and certifications to communicate their competence. The problem is that most certifications mean little to your market, because laypeople usually do not understand (or don’t care about) the meaning of those letters after your name.

To get more and better clients, you need to stand out from the crowd by proactively positioning yourself. The real question is: Do people know what you’re good at, and how it benefits them? Communicate that clearly, and you will build huge trust capital with your market, and they will choose you before any of your colleagues.

This short course will equip you with strategies you can use right away to break away from the herd and become the preferred choice of clients who recognize the value of what you offer and who are ready to commit.

The result? You get happier clients who enthusiastically refer you to other people who are also the right fit for you. This means you will earn more, work smarter, and be happier!

People always have a choice. Make it easier for them to choose you.

This three-session short course via webinar (video/audio) starts
Wednesday, February 24. I hope to see you there!

For more information, fees and registration link, visit:

Link to course description on my blog:

Link to course description on Facebook (no sign-in required):


From Passion To Profit Radio

“From Passion To Profit Radio” is an occasional podcast series presenting interesting people, stories, ideas, tools and techniques to help solo-professionals and solopreneurs to power their Vision from Passion to Profit. Plug into the passion by visiting the show blog at



Recent blog entries:

“Overcoming The Tyranny Of The Lizard Brain”

Why is it so tempting to procrastinate when faced with an otherwise simple task? Even if you have the skills, knowledge, experience, resources and even a great motivation to accomplish the task, there is something that can sabotage your best intentions, and before you know it, there goes another blown promise or missed deadline…

“How Big Is Your Whuffie?”

We are already entering an age where our “relationship capital” is just as important (or maybe more important?) than our financial capital. The more people respect you, trust you, and like you, the more they want to interact with you.


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