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Tweetnotes: Creating a Game-Changing Culture

I’ve just attended the Gamechangers Roundtable call today on “Creating a Game-Changing Culture” with Jonathan FieldsChris GuillebeauPam Slim and Reese Spykerman, moderated by Elizabeth Marshall.

The core of the discussion was about Branding, what it means and how to create a brand that expresses your own personality and quirkiness… because that is what will attract the right people to you.

To give you a sense of what was discussed, here are the notes I tweeted during the call (bottom of the list = start of the call):

  • RT @startupcoach: The #gamechangers calls are really great. If you have an hour to spare, don’t miss them. Better yet, make the time 😉
  • Thank you for this brilliant #gamechangers call on Branding: @lizmarshall @pamslim @reese @sarahrobinson @chrisguillebeau @jonathanfields
  • Branding: Stop trying to build a following and start meaningful conversations with people! #gamechangers @chrisguillebeau @jonathanfields
  • RT @ACCompanyC: Liz Marshall is SO good at this! Great choice! #gamechangers [DITTO!]
  • Branding: Figure out what your unique energy is and bring it to what you do. Much more powerful than fluff or flash @reese #gamechangers
  • [Funny-on another tweetdk column I see “how to get over 100000 subscribers” just as we’re talking about quantity vs quality] #gamechangers
  • Be yourself instead of gaming the system may cost you in traffic – but the quality will be much higher @chrisguillebeau #gamechangers
  • [Personal comment: I agree – most ppl try to sell “why you need me”. I love & hire ppl who share life! ] #gamechangers
  • People feel a level of desperation with what they’re doing.Brand yourself: do what feeds your passion&share your adventures! #gamechangers
  • RT @LizMarshall “my game changed when I stopped lookng at the competition.stop looking around you&start looking within” @reese #gamechangers
  • RT @GoodInkInc: So help me, @pamslim just used a Cat’s in the Cradle analogy. Yes, the song. [This was a great example !] #gamechangers
  • Branding Design: Don’t let your visual signature be just a “decoration”. Make it mean something – personal – quirky @reese #gamechangers
  • Brands that might mean a lot for you probably don’t resonate with them. Use language that resonates with them #gamechangers @pamslim
  • “Why Do I Do This Every Single Day?” [Great question to continually ask ourselves to keep on track…] #gamechangers @jonathanfields
  • Branding: What do I care about? Who do I want to serve? Dig deep to find the remarkable stuff #gamechangers
  • Branding is not always strategic – it is a trial-and-error process #gamechangers @chrisguillebeau
  • RT @kymleeisawesome: Noticing a #gamechangers theme: making strong/personal/emotional connections [agree!]
  • Your brand is shaped by the kinds of clients you work with #gamechangers
  • Branding is NOT something you can go out and “dictate” to the world – it’s a living 2-way street #gamechangers
  • Livetweeting the #gamechangers call with @pamslim @lizmarshall @reese @chrisguillebeau @jonathanfields @sarahrobinson
  • Remarkable brand: More than a great name – it has to be a message that goes straight for the gut #gamechangers
  • Remarkable brand = speaking in your own voice #gamechangers with @pamslim
  • Remarkable brand = being “astonishingly better” than what’s out there. #gamechangers
  • For the next hour I’m live-tweeting the #Gamechangers call on Creating a Game-Changing Brand. Join us now! http://bit.ly/bMJqEj

I highly recommend these calls to all solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. There are still four more calls to go, and you can purchase the recordings of the first three calls.

For more information

Website with information, free sign-up link, and order the mp3 recordings:


Check out what others Tweeted during the call (and on the other Gamechanger calls) at
http://search.twitter.com and search on the hash-tag #gamechangers

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  • Peter Shallard March 9, 2010, 21:58

    Thanks for this post Coach (do I call you “coach”?)

    Super useful to have all your tweets compiled in the one spot – it’s the next best thing to actually being there.

    Very, very helpful.

    – Peter

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