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SoloSuccess: How To Drink From The Information Firehose – And Love It! (Mar 25 2010)

Do you sometimes feel that you are drowning in data? For us solopreneurs, staying in touch with what’s happening is essential. However, since the volume of data is increasing exponentially, how do you make sense of all…while keeping your perspective and your sanity?

In this FREE webinar, you will understand why learning to surf the data tsunami is important to your business success. I will share with you the tools and techniques that I use (many of them free!) to stay plugged into the hottest ideas in my field, and how I share them with my network in order to attract more and better clients. And after this session, you will be able to do this also!

(Connection details and more resources after the fold:)   


This interactive session will take place by webinar (accessible by PC, Mac or Linux).
You can also participate by phone.
No registration is required, simply connect using the instructions below.

Thursday 25 March 2010

Session requirements: PC, Mac or Linux with speakers (audio and visual)
or telephone (audio only)

FREE WEBINAR LINK (using Adobe Connect Pro – works on Mac, PC, Linux)


If you want to connect by phone for the audio, and watch the video through the webinar link, dial

Conference Number(s): (712) 432-0800
Participant Code: 556643#

Questions? Comments? Contact me via Facebook mail, or e-mail at coach@davender.com, or by phone at 418-948-1553

Looking forward to having you join me on this fun and interactive workshop!

For more information

The Facebook page for this event is:

A key idea we will be discussing is Clay Shirky‘s quote: “The problem is not ‘information overload’, it’s ‘filter failure’

(original link is from http://www.boingboing.net/2010/01/31/clay-shirky-on-infor.html )

Clay Shirky’s site: http://www.shirky.com

And an article by Robert Scoble talks about the importance of being an “information curator”:
This idea is very important for solos: being an expert is not about your degrees or certifications, but how you bring order to the information tsunami in your field = becoming the trusted “info curator”.

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