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Newsletter (April 8 2010): Recent Essays and Upcoming Events

Here is my newsletter dated April 8 2010.

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So much is happening lately that I’ve been wanting to share with you! Here are some highlights, and previews of upcoming events (April 8 Newsletter):

Recent Essays

For The Love Of Social Media
A comprehensive list of articles, podcasts and videos to help you use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) effectively and get More and Better Clients

What Keeps Me (And Probably You) Awake At Night
As a solopreneur, money is a constant obsession. Some nights I can’t get to sleep, with all the what-if’s and how-can-I’s running around in my head.How are the money worries of an employee different than that of an entrepreneur? And, even more importantly, will my money worries ever stop?

When Is Spam, Spam?
I agree that it’s important to reach out and let people know what you offer. How you do it, though, is the difference between generating indifference or interest. So what is the difference between a message that captures a prospect’s interest and one that turns them off?  When is spam, spam?

To Win, Think Tactical
Planning requires two levels of thinking: strategic and tactical. Strategic planning is vision-focused, the “who am I”, “what do I want to create” and “why is this important to me”.  Strategic is longer term, one, three, five, ten years out. Strategic planning is important, because it gives a context and a purpose for action. Are you thinking tactically enough to win?

Explore over 330 other essays, ideas information and resources, visit my blog – it’s where I keep you up-to-date with what’s going on to help you succeed:

FREE Weekly SoloSuccess Webinars

“SoloSuccess” is a series of free weekly series of audio/video seminars on various ideas to help you improve your business results. These normally take place on Thursdays at 2PM Eastern. You can connect free via computer (Mac, PC or Linux). No registration needed. Most sessions are recorded however free access to recordings will depend on the event.

Here are some upcoming discussion topics:

(April 8) How To Give (And Receive) Great Referrals

(April 15) How To Ignite Word Of Mouth

(April 22) Get Paid A Lot For What You Got

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“From Passion To Profit” Success Experience

Are you tired of your income being limited by “billable hours”? Do you want to be rewarded for your talents and for the benefits you bring to your clients? Do you want to be recognized as THE go-to expert for what you offer and who you offer it to? Do you want to attract clients who inspire you to do your best work, and who really appreciate what you can do for them? Do you yearn to play a bigger game than simply survival?

The “From Passion To Profit” Success Experience is an integrated system, intended to guide solopreneurs, self-employed professionals and big-thinking people like you to develop the entrepreneurial mindset. When you learn to think like an entrepreneur (instead of an “employee”), you can quickly spot opportunities in alignment with your Passion, and deploy the discipline to transform those opportunities into Profit.

The first 5-week module in this powerful learning experience starts Wednesday May 5.

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Plug Into The Passion!

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