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SoloSuccess: MBA From The University Of Real Life (Apr 1 2010)

This week’s SoloSuccess webinar was a look at five things taught in “Start Your Own Business” seminars. Do they work or not?

One thing I realized when preparing and presenting this webinar was that we are undergoing a seismic shift, one as big as the Industrial Revolution. The shift is from a 20th Century “Economy of Things” to a 21st Century “Economy of Experiences”. The rules that govern the capital-focused, finite-mindset Economy Of Things no longer work in an Economy of Experience where the cost of production is zero, the products are intangible and velocity is what counts.

This has generated lots of ideas that I want to explore later on.

Links to the recording and handout after the fold.

Link to the recording:

http://connectpro16008135.na5.acrobat.com/p89111769/ (41 minutes)

Link to the handout (PDF):


Link to audio MP3 (right-click to save)


For more information

Facebook event page (including links, comment wall, resources)


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