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Good Stuff I'm Sharing On My Facebook Wall

To me, Facebook is all about sharing ideas and resources. Here are some interesting entries that I’ve shared on my Facebook wall recently. For each entry listed below, I’ve included a link to the resource I’m talking about, and a link to the individual wall post, so you can see the comments.

Note that each entry you make on Facebook is a web page that can be linked to and indexed (depending on your your privacy settings). Instead of worrying about FB privacy, post good stuff on your wall that you’re proud to share with the world!

Let’s connect and exchange ideas, tips and resources on Facebook!

(May 22): Checklists help you keep on track as you develop new daily practices. I like online trackers because it allows me to detect trends. A simple checklist system I recommend is 42goals. Found through Lifehacker

(May 21): The other day a client was bugging me about why I spend so much time on clarifying your “why”. As Simon Sinek says “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY YOU DO IT”.

(May 15): Reading this made me go “hmmmm”: Does having more stuff mean you’re more successful? (Found via Seth Godin)

(May 11): Listened to this on my morning jog – a TEDTalk by Tom Wujec about team problem solving (and a reminder about the power of prototyping)

(May 10): If you want to add a Facebook “Like” button to your WordPress Blog, I recommend the one by “Bottomless” http://bit.ly/9rVLlm (I lost track of where I got this tip from – so to whomever, thank you!)

(May 7): Seth Godin’s post this morning has me reflecting on my profession, my vision and myself. Many of my coaching clients make incremental changes, but few make the quantum leap they say they really want. And I include myself in the incremental group. I’m thinking about how to design and build a system that provides the “winning conditions” that empower more people to make the leap… to turn dreamers into artists…

(May 4): Recommended: The Facebook “Like” button is popping up everywhere. What are the implications for how we use the Web? Solopreneurs pay attention – this is important stuff. I think this has a big impact (good and not so good) on how you build your site, your blogs, your positioning and marketing.

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