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Your Vision Is Always A Work In Progress

We talk a lot about “vision”, but what is it really? Is it a description of a Promised Land, so tempting but so far away that we have no real chance of reaching it? Or is it cast in stone with no compromise, a Five-Year-Plan with fixed goals and performance objectives?

Vision is ever shifting, ever changing. It is a work in progress. Vision is rooted in purpose, and it evolves as one progresses forward on the journey of life. Vision puts our day-to-day activities in a context that inspires and motivates, but must evolve as we evolve through our experiences.

A vision is like holding the box of the jigsaw puzzle of life. At the everyday level, we can relate our daily experience to the big picture and see where it fits. And what’s interesting is that the act of fitting a small piece to the puzzle also changes the picture on the top of the box, As we discover more of who we are, the context of our vision becomes bigger and deeper.

For a vision to work, it has to connect directly to a personal mission. There is no use working on a vision if you don’t know who you are: that’s like trying to navigate to Omaha but not knowing where you are. Do you travel north? south? east? west? Your Vision becomes your GPS, guiding you through the maze of everyday life so you always move forward.

Vision fuels passion. Passion is the tension between where you want to be and where you are now. If the vision is too close to the present situation, there is no tension, no passion, no motivation to move into action. If the vision is too far removed from the present situation, it becomes to far to reach, the tension breaks and likewise there is no energy towards action. You need to find the right distance between where you are and where you want to be. And as your “now” shifts forward, your vision has to also evolve in order to maintain the tension.

This is why working on your Vision is a continuous, lifelong endeavor. You can start with a first, intense session to sketch out the whole canvas. Then, each month, as you move forward in your journey, revisit your vision and ask yourself: do you still really want to go there? Is your vision still relevant, given the results in your life right now?

Incorporating a “moving vision” in your routine will get you into a way of being that will shorten the time between idea and action. A continuous visioning process also creates visions that are natural extensions of who you are at the moment, instead of being an artificial goal influenced by fashion or peer pressure.

You have it within you to envision a masterpiece. Never settle, never compromise. Aim to transform your life into a work of art.

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