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GoogleReading: The Entrepreneurial Era, Business Models, Nothing But Facebook

I use Google Reader to track over 300 blogs and websites on entrepreneurship, marketing and leadership. I share the ones which catch my eye here on my Google profile: http://www.google.com/reader/shared/coachdavender

Here are the most noteworthy of my recent favorites:

My favorite:
2011 may mark the beginning of a golden era for entrepreneurs
via VentureBeat » Entrepreneur Corner by Steve Blank on 12/31/10
The pundits say the American dream is dead and this next decade will see the further decline and fall of the West and in particular of the United States. What if the common wisdom is very, very wrong – and that we will look back at this decade as the beginning of an economic revolution as important as the scientific revolution in the 16th century and the industrial revolution in the 18th century?

Why Words Matter
via Chuck Blakeman on 1/15/11
Six great ideas to help you craft a positioning “handle” that zings

What Exactly is a Business Model?
via TechCrunch by Vivek Wadhwa on 1/8/11
A clear, logical explanation of the seven basic components of a good business model.

10 business models that rocked 2010
via Board of Innovation by Nick on 1/4/11
A fascinating analysis of some innovative business models that appeared in 2010. I especially like the visual language that Board of Innovation uses to diagram the value exchanges and cash flows of the business models.

AdFreak: Soon, your life will be nothing but Facebook
via Ad Freak by Tim Nudd on 1/13/11
You absolutely have to see this graphic about how Facebook now dominates the Net…and our lives.

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