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Introducing the "Power Circle Productivity Experience"

If you’re like most passion-driven solopreneurs, you probably started the New Year with lots of ideas to be more productive and make more money, but you haven’t yet found the time to work on them because you’re so busy keeping up with your clients and the immediate demands of your business.

Maybe you want to…

– develop or launch a new product or service?
– plan a new marketing or growth strategy?
– put in place better management and organization systems?
– expand your client base or open new markets?
– increase your effectiveness, your revenue and your profits?

How would your business results be different if you were able to take just one of those ideas and make it a reality?

If you want to be more successful, and more profitable, you need to find the time, energy and resources to work “ON” your business just as much as you work “IN” your business!

I’m a big believer in the Power of Projects to move an idea from Dream to Done.

This is why I’ve developed the “Power Circle” Productivity Experience: a results-focused learning and action system to help you find the time and develop the energy to move from “dreaming” about it to “doing” it. You will discover how to transform your idea into a project, and then how to execute your project to power your everyday results to a new level of effectiveness.

I’m looking for a handful of courageous solopreneurs who want to define and execute a Big, Hairy, Audacious “Signature Project”, one whose results will make 2011 a positive turning point in your business history.

If this speaks to you, for a very limited time I’m offering a huge discount of up to $1000 off (or 66% off) the complete Productivity Experience, but only if you take action before Friday February 4.

Check out my special offer to you here:


(look for the big yellow box on the right side of the page)

What’s different about The “Power Circle” Productivity Experience? It’s more than a course: while you are learning, you are also applying your new skills by completing a project that propels you forward. You learn, you do, you succeed!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at coach@davender.com or by phone at 418-948-1553 or my new Google Voice number 213-325-1223

I look forward to accompanying you during your BHAP (Big Hairy Audacious Project), a project whose results will make 2011 your best year yet!

For more information

Video: SoloSuccess – Your Projects Define You. What’s Your Taj Mahal?

Image credit: Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) on Flickr
Direct link:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/matt_gibson/3281131319/
Used under Creative Commons 2.0 licence
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