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Facebook Thots and Things

What I really like about Facebook is how easy it is to share thoughts that come to me or things that I find. Each Facebook post generates a little web page that is linked to others through “like” votes or comments that people leave.

Here are some ideas, quotes and resources I’ve posted on my Facebook personal profile during the last couple of weeks. Feel free to comment directly on any of them (Facebook login required):

  • Tip: The challenge with selling services is that there is no urgency to buy. Create “Limited-Time Offers” focusing on one aspect of your biz  (post)
  • Thot: Getting clients is like getting love: if you chase after it you won’t get it. You have to let it come to you. (post)
  • “Now is your time. You have one life, and it is short. Use it powerfully. Celebrate it as a precious gift. Don’t allow fear to paralyze you. As Goethe wrote: Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” – Matthew Kelly (post)
  • When the vision is clear, the means to make it happen will appear. I was reminded of this truth once again this morning… (post)
  • ‎”We are not grand because we are at the top of the food chain or because we can alter our environment—the environment will outlast us with its unfathomable forces and unyielding powers. But rather than be bound and defeated by our insignificance, we are bold because we exercise our will anyway, despite the ephemeral and delicate presence we have in this desert, on this planet, in this universe.” – Aron Ralston (post)
  • Reading: “How To Succeed in Social Media For Less-Than-Remarkable People” http://ow.ly/3SOIi by Debra Ellis (@wilsonellis) [Real-world tips] (post)
  • When you post something on your Wall, it doesn’t automatically get copied to all your Friends or Fans. This is an excellent overview:   http://www.imediaconnection.com/content.aspx?id=28429 (post)
  • “Often in the real world, it’s not the smart that get ahead but the bold.” – Robert Kiyosaki  (post)
  • “You must exercise your caution in laying your plans, but be bold in carrying them out.” – P.T. Barnum (post)
  • “Every endeavour pursued with passion produces a successful outcome regardless of the result. For it is not about winning or losing—rather, the effort put forth in producing the outcome.” – Matthew Syed (Bounce: Mozart, Federer, Picasso, Beckham, and the Science of Success)  (post)
  • “True urgency focuses on critical issues, not agendas overstuffed with the important and the trivial. True urgency is driven by a deep determination to win, not anxiety about losing. With an attitude of true urgency, you try to accomplish something important each day, never leaving yourself with a heart-attack-producing task of running one thousand miles in the last week of the race.” – John P. Kotter  (post)
  • Reading: “The Networking Experience” http://ow.ly/3P46R by Dr. Ivan Misner. I totally agree: Networking events are NOT the place to find clients, but rather to connect with people who can refer great clients to you (post)
  • “The requirements for achieving great things are two simple but far from easy steps-wisely choosing which policies to pursue and then executing those policies. The difference between success and failure is execution.” – William D. Eggers (post)
  • “One can steal ideas, but no one can steal execution or passion.” – David Cohen (post)
  • Reading: “One Totally Game-Changing (and Easy) Strategy to Beat Your Competitors” http://ow.ly/3MuQh by @JillKonrath (post)
  • Reading: “What Is Your Why?” http://ow.ly/3MuFo by @MarlaTabaka (post)
  • Reading: “A 90-Minute Plan For Personal Effectiveness” http://ow.ly/3MuxL by @energy_project Will implement this starting Sunday for a week (post)
  • Reading: “The Big Idea: Creating Shared Value” http://ow.ly/3MtQj by @MichaelEPorter – The pursuit of profit vs. creating shared value (post)

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My personal Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/coachdavender

My Facebook Fan Page (“Professional Page”): http://www.facebook.com/FromPassionToProfit

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