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Another missed opportunity

As of this writing, we are on the downhill slope of another Canadian Federal Election campaign. Being somewhat of a political junkie (whatever the flavor: Canada, Quebec or US), I can’t help thinking that all of the MAWMs (Middle-Aged White Men) at the debate podiums are doing whatever they can to avoid taking a stand on what really matters.

Instead of “bickering” about parliamentary procedure and who’s at fault, there are many real problems Canada needs to face. What is most important to me is our role in this disruptively changing world. Canada is involved in another war (and actually commanding it). Issues of environment, energy security, health, even downright practical issues such as disaster preparedness (think of what would happen if Vancouver fell into the ocean like what happened in Japan…).

This whole exercise just adds to the fire which fuels my Manifesto, declaring my belief that the solutions to the huge problems facing humanity and the planet will come not from politicos or old-guard CEOs, because they have too much invested in the status-quo. The real solutions are coming from solo, nano and small entrepreneurs like you and I who have our feet firmly on the ground as we aim for the stars. We have the perspective to see the solutions and the initiative to take action right now to make our little corner of the world a better place.

To me, any of the parties could manage more-or-less competently to keep things running on an even keel. However, the managerial mindset assumes things are going to stay the way they are, and mistake tinkering at the edges for productivity. And this assumption is dangerously false.

What we need in this period of disruptive change is real leadership. Real leadership is about setting forth a bold vision which energizes and inspires us to transform the status quo so we can experience our full potential as a people, a country and a nation. I do not see this vision, energy or inspiration in any of the choices before me.

My little Toastmasters feedback to Messieurs Harper, Ignatieff, Layton and Duceppe: Stop playing for the soundbite and start proposing a real vision for where the country should go. Please?

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My Manifesto: http://about.me/coachdavender

Each week during the election I am interviewed by Postmedia about my thoughts on the election. You can see my comments and those of other undecideds here:

I think the CBC Election website gives a good overview of the party platforms (such as they are):

Even though I am pessimistic that this election will change anything, please go out and vote on May 2:

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