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Won't Someone Please Come To Save Me?

So another Judgment Day has come and gone and we’re still here. But why all the noise about someone predicting the end of the world?

Beyond the silliness of predicting the “end of the world”, this particular announcement seems to have touched something in the collective consciousness.

Our lives today are getting even more complicated. The illusion of stability has been shattered, and the rules of society and of our economy are being thrown out the window, with who knows what taking their place.

In the past, when something bad happened in the world, we might have read about it a few days later on page A25 of the local newspaper. But today we not only read or hear about it instantly, but also we see it, repeated again and again on the 24-hour news networks. And we talk about it in our social networks, whether online or off-line, amplifying the feelings of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

In addition, the volume of the vox populi is reaching a deafening pitch, as everyone contributes their opinion with the aim to be ever more provocative in order to win their fifteen seconds of fame.

No wonder we are tempted to look for a way out, for someone or something to comfort us, to protect us from disappointment and pain. Whether it is taking a small step such as buying a lottery ticket, or going for the Hail-Mary pass of chasing a long-shot big client, or dropping everything to follow someone’s pitch for a new business opportunity or partnership. Anything to relieve the crushing stress of being in the present moment, with its mountain of to-do tasks and constant reminders of disappointment.

The reality is, there is no one or nothing that will come to save us. We have to Do The Work of living our mission and our vision, pushing through the Resistance of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to create something magnificent.

For that is our lot in life, not to sit by and wait until someone whisks us off to the Great Upstairs, but rather to create Heaven On Earth, the actualization of our full potential.

The way to “save” yourself is to work on your Clarity – becoming crystal-clear on Who You Really Are, your mission and your vision – and your Commitment, defining a Life Project and putting that first and foremost. In this way, you can become bigger than your problems and move into action, which builds your Confidence and your Courage.

If you’re hoping someone or something will sweep in to save you, you will be disappointed because it only happens in Harlequin novels. Much as we may wish it to be, there is no shortcut to success, other than blood, sweat and tears. It is the effort that makes success worthwhile.

For more information

Wikipedia entry about Harold Camping and his failed prophecy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Camping

“Do The Work” by Steven Pressfield: http://www.amazon.com/Do-the-Work-ebook/dp/B004PGO25O

Martin Rutte’s Heaven On Earth Project: http://www.projectheavenonearth.com/

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  • Olive Knight May 22, 2011, 22:10

    Davender, thanks for the reminder! I need to refocus daily… Clarity and Commitment first.

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