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Newsletter (June 6 2011) – Book Yourself Solid AMPLIFIED, Productivity Bootcamp, #Trust30 Writing Challenge

It has been a while since I’ve connected with you by e-mail. Time has been flying by!

This past spring has been a season of transformation, with the launch of new programs on the Web and also locally. The coaching clients I’ve had the honor to work with during these past weeks have been as inspirational for me as I hope I have been for them! Thank you and merci!

Now that the weather is heating up, it’s tempting to use the next few weeks to recharge your batteries. Remember, it’s also a great time to recharge your business! As your clients are taking a break, use this opportunity to work ON your business. A well-focused WOW project can relight your flame just in time for the silly season in September.

This Friday June 10 I have the privilege and pleasure of being interviewed by Michael Port on the topic: “From Dream To Done – Success Is A Sequence Of Projects“. This teleconference interview is part of the Book Yourself Solid AMPLIFIED Tele-Festival taking place this week from June 6 to 10. You can listen for free by signing up right away at http://tinyurl.com/bysamplified. If you upgrade to the Gold or Platinum packages, you get lifetime access to all recordings, transcripts, and over $2000 worth of bonus gifts!

For this occasion, I have put together a new e-book full of ideas to help you move your ideas “From Dream To Done”, which I’m pre-releasing to Gold and Platinum subscribers of Book Yourself Solid AMPLIFIED. I really encourage you to sign up and take part in over 20 hours of hot tips from great Book Yourself Solid coaches!

Also, the best way to enjoy your summer is to put in place a strategy to get back up to speed after your vacation. I’m re-introducing the “$1000 off special” for the next Power Circle Productifity Bootcamp and Mastermind which starts on August 9… a great deal (20+ hours of learning, coaching and accountability support for just $499!). But only if you act right now, before Friday June 24!

I’m very active this month on my blog, where I’m participating in the #Trust30 Writing Challenge. An event organized by Seth Godin’s “The Domino Project”, each day during the month of June 2011, I receive a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “Self-Reliance” to use as a writing prompt. For more information about the #Trust30 Writing Challenge, check out http://ralphwaldoemerson.me There is still time to participate if you want: it’s a great way to refocus on your vision and your commitment.

Let’s keep in touch. I’m very active on Facebook, and look forward to connecting with you there.

And here is what else is going on to help you Power Your Vision From Passion To Profit…

Upcoming Events:

Friday June 10 (7PM Eastern)
Book Yourself Solid AMPLIFIED: From Dream To Done – Success Is A Series Of Projects
A Project is a framework which brings together resources and actions toward achieving a specific goal. Understand how to go from “dream” to “done” by defining what you want to accomplish and translating your intentions, resolutions and goals into a well-defined project you can take action on, right now.

Tuesday August 9 until Thursday August 29
From Dream To Done: The Power Circle Productivity Bootcamp
Is there a result you want to accomplish in your business project, but you can’t seem to find the time or the focus? The Power Circle Productivity Bootcamp is a results-focused learning and action system to help you find the time and develop the energy to move from “dreaming” about it to “doing” it. You will discover how to transform your idea into a project, and then how to execute your project to power your everyday results to a new level of effectiveness. The deliverable from your experience in the Productivity Bootcamp is a practical action plan that you can implement right away to get the results you want.
Special LIMITED-TIME offer ($1000 off!)

For a complete listing of the upcoming events, check out the Event Calendar here:

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