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A Toastmaster's Evaluation of Jeff Bezos' Kindle Speech

Thank you Mr. General Evaluator.

Jeff Bezos’ presentation style is an obvious carbon copy of Steve Jobs. But that seems to be the tendency for all tech CEOs.

The script was well written. He delivered it with good voice control and adequate pauses. Excellent visuals, well-timed.

What was very distracting to me was his constant pacing back and forth. I wanted to go up there and nail his shoes to the stage! He could have used the stage better to emphasize his points and make the reveals more impactful.

He looked a bit too much at the prompter. This contributed to a “nervous” vibration to his voice, which came through in some of the gestures which were wooden or just slightly off the timing mark. It also took away some of the presence which is the hallmark of the Jobsian style.

I would have liked the pace of the presentation to be a bit quicker, and a bit more punch in his voice control, hitting the adjectives that convey the coolness and passion around the product.

Jeff obviously practiced A LOT for this very important speech. He is not quite at the level of Steve Jobs, but he has the potential to get there.

Overall, well done. I think Jeff will sell a couple of Kindles with this pitch.


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Direct link to Kindle Press Conference on YouTube: http://youtu.be/rm92Tnp953c

Image from Reuters


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  • J. Anderson September 29, 2011, 10:52

    I found the whole thing a bit cringworthy. Looked to me a rather obvious attempt to copy Apple / Steve Job’s techniques, presentation style and format. I really felt quite embarrassed for Jeff and Amazon, and it could also be seen as in somewhat bad taste, given Steve Job’s current illness.

    Do your own thing, Jeff. Be yourself – trying to be someone else when giving a speech or presentation just doesn’t work. Find an Amazon format to present to the media – don’t copy the Jobs / Apple format, it just looks embarrassing and doesn’t come off as sincere.
    Amazon is a great company – it should have more confidence in itself.

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